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My names Cat – I’m an Psychic Clairvoyant Soul Coach and Master Healer and I’m passionate about supporting women to be their best versions of themselves.

I’m based in Doncaster, England but have clients worldwide.

You haven’t found my website by chance, your soul has guided you here!!!

I’m passionate about helping women to Rewaken, Heal and Transform, to learn how to Love their whole-selves

I have run my heart-centered business for over a decade and I offer a range of different sessions from Video to Telephone and Skype sessions and even Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, which means no matter where you are in the world we can work together.

The Services I offer

Soul Coaching – These sessions are great for getting you moving forward in your personal or business life.  I’m passionate about helping Women gain clear direction, where we work together with your Soul Purpose. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to understand your needs.

Intuitive Psychic Soul Readings – Do you currently have questions and feeling confused and unsure of what to do? I tune into the situation or person to give you a clearer understanding and guidance on how to move forward

Spiritual Business Support – If you have a belief that your here to help, heal and support people but you’re at a standstill and don’t know how to move forward let me support you by giving you a clear plan to guidance on business and even where to start on your journey plus I also offer support with website design and Social Media.  I offer a free 15-minute consultation to understand your needs. 

Reiki Soul Healing – is where I use a range of techniques to lift your energy and awakening your Soul. I have worked as a healer for over a decade and use it to clear and rebalance energies within the body, Chakras and Aura. I’ve treated Cancer Patients, Depression, Anxiety, and Negative energy blockages and much more… I offer a free 15-minute consultation to understand your needs.

Reiki Healing Courses – I also Teach Healing from beginners all the way to Master Teachers, my courses are very informative and you receive a Manual, Videos, Podcasts depending on the level and one to one coaching with myself.  My courses are carried out over Skype so you can learn from myself no matter where you are in the world. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to understand your needs.

Women’s Goddess Healing Circle – I hold a monthly circle in Tickhill Doncaster for Women to Heal, Awaken and Transform.

House Cleansing and Space Clearing – Do you feel like your house or space is holding negative energy, trouble sleeping or arguments or just feel its holding old stale negative energy, I use a range of techniques to cleanse and lift the vibration within your home. I offer a free 15-minute consultation to understand your needs.

Psychic in Doncaster

Thank you for your wonderful support.  Cat is a remarkable lady who is caring and her sessions leave you feeling positive and inspired. 

Cat has helped me feel happy after just an hour she turned my thinking around and I already have a plan and I know this is going to happen, she breaks it down into a clear easy plan and I can’t wait for my session next week.  She’s such an inspiration and if your looking to change your life shes the lady who’s going to help you – Thank you Cat

Psychic, Clairvoyant in Doncaster, Rotherham, Worksop
I’m passionate about empowering women to find their inner light and shining.

Healing Blessings

Cat x

I came to the reading feeling lost and down and I left feeling inspired and now completely understand where I am and who I am, Cat gave me a clear direction and she knew instinctively how I was feeling and the people around me. I was amazed by the information she gave me and I feel ready to go and make the changes.  Having never had a reading before I was really nervous but she made me feel so calm and at ease and a million times better after just 30 minutes.  Thank you so much Cat for sharing your amazing gift, I will be back again soon.

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